Certiport MOS/IC3 Testing in BIS Lab

MOS/IC3 Software (2/17/2015)

The BIS Lab had requested being able to access testing for MOS/IC3 (Microsoft Office Specialist/Internet and Computer Core Certification). It is important to check out this site and its documentation and requirements for this software: Getting Started Guide.
If the teacher at some point wants to do certification for Adobe CSX (CS3, CS4, CS5, ect) or Creative Cloud, in 2015 you need to follow this guide: Browser Preload Cache. These tests are taken online in the web browser, we did not set these up so it may be different if you do.
The software install is really easy if the teacher has a Certiport Testing Account, Purchased Tests, and Accounts For Students, all you need to do is download the Certiport Console 8 (Maybe different version in the future) to each computer under the administrator account.
After installing Console 8, have the teacher log in under her head account, update the software if needed (on each device) and that really should be it. Students then, if the teacher has set them up with a testing account, should be able to go onto the software, sign into their Certiport account and take practice or real tests.

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